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Noah's Park's Children's Church

All children ages 3 through 5th grade are invited to participate in Noah’s Park, which is held during part of the second Worship Service (10:30 from September through May, 10:00 in the summer).  Children will join their parents for the first 10 minutes. When they are dismissed by Pastor Will, the children will go upstairs to the Noah’s Park rooms where they will hear a Bible story and sing songs, play games, do crafts, and see a puppet show that relates to that week’s Bible story.  Parents may pick up their children outside the Noah’s Park rooms after the Worship service.

Hey kids, do you know whose picture this is?

This is Ponder the wise leader of Noah’s Park. 

You might wonder, how Ponder got to be so wise.  Well, the truth is Ponder uses his memory to recall what he learned from watching Noah.  Noah listened to God and asked God for help to solve his problems.  That is why you will often hear Ponder say “I remember the ark!!”

Ponder wants everyone to understand God’s goodness and how God will keep us safe. And it is why, a lot of friends and visitors, at Noah’s Park stop by Ponder’s lily pad to ask him for help when they are facing a problem.  When you have a problem, maybe Ponder can help.

Hi my name is Dreamer, and I am a rhinoceros.

Can you guess why they call me Dreamer? 

Well it is not because everybody thinks that I am very sweet and kind, or because I am afraid of change and do not like to face my problems.  It is because I LOVE to sleep.

The reason I love to sleep is because when I sleep I have great adventures and become very courageous.  Because I am so courageous when I dream I love to sleep, so when I am faced with a problem, I just take a nice long snoozzzz…

Hi!!  My name is Stretch, and I am the tallest member of the Noah’s Park family.  If you have not guessed I am a giraffe.

Everyone here at Noah’s Park think of me as their big sister.  I guess that is because I like to help others, and because I am always willing to share my belongings.

Sometimes, the others say I am naïve.  Do you know what naïve means?

Well, the Webster Dictionary says that naïve means lacking knowledge in understanding the motives of others.  I guess that might be true, since, I always believe that everyone wants to help other, and that they want to show kindness to everyone. 

But I am learning as I grow.  That is why my favorite quote is: “I am curious about everything!!!

Hi!!  My name is Honk.  I am one goooood  looking camel, even if I have to say so myself. 

The reason I am such a goooood looking animal is because I hate to be dirty.  Unfortunately, sometime my adventures land me in the dirtiest places.

My friends all say I am very loyal; but I can be a little stubborn and I have been known to "whine" to get my way, which drives my friends crazy.

I guess I need to work on becoming more humble.

Hey!  Do you know how Noah's Park became such a really cool place?

Well, when the animals all left the ark, some of us became really good friends and started to travel around together.  One day we found this beautiful forest.  It not only has a peaceful pond, it also has a really cozy cave.  So we decided to make this place our home and we called it Noah's Park in honor of Noah who built the ark that saved us.

It is here where we go on a lot of neat adventures and learn more about how awe-some J-E-S-U-S and His Father are.  I hope you like Noah's Park as much as my friends and I do.

Hi Girls and Boys.   

My name is Howler, but I am not a ferocious beast, even though I am the King of the Jungle. 

My friends say I sound and move just like Elvis Presley.  You know the cool King of “Rock and Roll”.  And like the King of Rock and Roll, I love to sing and dance.  Unfortunately, when I start moving my feet to the beat, my mane gets all messed up, which makes me look ferocious.

I also like to play all kinds of sports and learn about Jesus with you and my other animal friends at Noah’s Park.

My favorite quote is “Don’t step on my blue suede paws.”

Good Morning everyone!! 

My name is Shadow and a lot of the animals here at Noah’s Park say I am a leader like Ponder; but unlike Ponder I sometimes lead my friends down the wrong path.

See, I likes to play harmless trick on the other animal friends at Noah’s Park, just like my best friend Screech who you will meet later.

So if you hear me saying “Screech, I have this idea . . . "

You had better watch out!!!   You just might be our next target. 

Hi, everyone, my name is Ivory.  I bet you cannot guess how I got my name.

If you guessed that it was because I love to play the piano, you would be absolutely wrong.  It is because of my ivory tusks.

Can you guess who is the largest and the strongest animal at Noah’s Park?  No, Dreamer, is not as big as I am but Dreamer is almost as big as me.

I love to eat blueberries and bananas and I will go to almost any length to get them, so if you have any when you visit St. Mark’s Noah’s Park, it would be nice of you to share them with me.  After all, my favorite saying is “I love to eat.”

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