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Frequently Asked Questions
How should I dress?
The family of St. Mark's welcomes individuals just as they are. When you enter St. Mark's you will see a variety of styles from casual to formal. St. Mark's focus is on the internal not the external.

Where should I park?
St Mark's main parking lot is directly north of the church, on the northwest corner of the intersection of Washington and Sycamore. There is also a smaller, newly remodeled, parking lot located southwest of the church and is accessible from Washington Street and North Jefferson Street.

What door should I enter?
There are three (3) sets of doors through which you may enter St. Mark's. The front doors are located off of Washington Street, the side doors on the north side of the church are accessible from Sycamore Street. There is also an entrance located by the newly renovated parking lot.

Where is the nursery located?
The Nursery is located on the ground level, and is easily accessible from the north entrance and the entrance off of the newly renovated parking lot.

Do I need to bring a Bible?
Of course you are always welcome to bring God's Word with you to church, but you will not need your Bible during the service. The scripture lessons, which complement the teaching, are printed in the bulletins. However, St. Mark's family strongly encourages individuals to develop a personal daily devotional routine of bible reading and prayer. If you do not have your own personal Bible, please notify an usher.

I want to come but I do not have transportation
St Mark's would be happy to assist you with your transportation needs. To arrange a ride please contact Jim Sowers at 419-203-1752.

What do I do with the "I Worshiped Today" form in the bulletin
The "I Worshiped Today" form is an information sheet that helps the leadership of St. Marks to properly assist the individuals who worshiped at St. Marks. (This information is never sold or shared outside of St. Marks.) The ushers will collect these forms during the "Hymn of the Day".

160 West Sycamore St. Van Wert, OH  45891 | 419-238-6336